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Change Your Office space-
Change Your Life!

Your ergonomic office set up can reduce low back, hip, knee, carpal tunnel and even neck discomfort that may be keeping you from enjoying your life.

Ergonomics are 4 Everyone!

Why Choose Us?

Most everyone works from a computer. Either at work, home, or both. Working or playing at a computer for too long in the wrong alignment can cause severe discomfort in your body. With over 25 years experience in the physical therapy and ergonomics field, we can help you decrease the ill effects of poor ergonomic set-up and help prevent costly and uncomfortable injury, all remotely from our computers. No onsite meeting necessary. 


Meet Your Ergonomic Specialist

Our Therapists have been in the Industrial Ergonomics world for over 25 years helping people prevent and treat discomfort from injury. They are Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist level 2, and offers the same excellent service to both the office and home office worker.

office/home office assessment

You provide:

Photos of your desk/computer set-up

Answers to a few questions

Ergonomic Services

We provide:

  1. Office/Home office ergonomic assessment customized for you

  2. OSHA certified document report

  3. Zoom appointment to discuss results

  4. Equipment recommendations

Keyboard and Mouse

A correct work set up was critical in keeping me out of pain.

D. Johnson

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